Auto Repair in Hermantown, MN

Accurate Auto Repair is a reliable and skillful auto repair service based in Hermantown, Minnesota. We offer a variety of automotive services ranging from battery and electrical service to engine diagnostic service & replacement, brake jobs, oil changes, general service, preventative maintenance and more, we can easily fix any car trouble you may be experiencing.

Accurate Auto Repair is different from other auto repair shops because we believe in doing more than simply delivering repair services. We believe in exceptional customer service, use of high quality products, and implementing the best solutions to fix your vehicle on a long term basis. We don’t believe in temporary solutions – our services are great value.

Our Commitment

At Accurate Auto Repair, we are committed to helping car owners in the  Hermantown, Esko, Cloquet, Proctor, MN and Superior WI area have the peace of mind that no matter what car troubles they face, they can have it fixed with us – easily, efficiently, and affordably. We are here to provide full convenience to car owners by getting their vehicle repaired as quickly as possible.

Our Service

Accurate Auto Repair prides itself on its high standard of service. You can expect our service to be…

✓ Reliable. Our clients depend on us to always be there to fix their car. With us around, you needn’t look elsewhere!

✓ Affordable. With amazing prices and high quality service, our service is affordable as well as a good value.

✓ Efficient. We always get the job done thoroughly and we also make sure to get it done in good time. We understand that your car is a lifeline and know that you want it back as soon as possible.

✓ Convenient. All our clients get to enjoy the peace of mind that expert and skilled mechanics are catering to their car’s repair needs.

At Accurate Auto Repair, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is quick and dependable service professionals, and affordable prices all come together to keep your car, truck or SUV running great. Stop by and see Jody and the guys.... you’ll be glad you did.